Thursday, December 23, 2010

Carrier BIlling comes to Android!

Some of you folks may have recently noticed a little remark at the bottom of an email from the Android Market folks:
Finally, we wanted to bring to your attention that Android Market now offers a new form of payment for users on the AT&T network -- Direct Carrier Billing. This payment option lets Android users on the AT&T network purchase applications more easily.
This is an awesome achievement on the part of the Google folks, which integrates payments made by users into their phone bills, if they are AT&T customers: in turn, this enables us (the developers) to receive our payments via fewer user clicks and in a more streamlined way, so as to smooth the path for the user to purchase our Apps.

And all that, at virtually no additional complexity for us, which is, I'd say, pretty awesome!

I would expect more integrations and more awesomeness in the next few months: stay tuned!

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